Sunday, March 8, 2015

Part V: "In the name of being honest"

He comes over to her place.

She is so happy even just sitting with him in comfortable, never awkward silence. They have next weekend planned and maybe they can start to talk about next month too.

After an hour, he's holding her. He says they can't do this anymore.

She pauses, unsure of what he means.

He prompts her, "You're a smart girl; you can figure this out."

She gapes at him. He is still holding her.

He continues saying he can't be in a relationship right now.

She is taken aback, unable to think, barely able to breathe.

He visits her bathroom.

She escorts him to the door.

She locks the door behind him.

She cries.

She cries for her broken heart
her shattered hopes and dreams
their lost friendship.

She cries for a year.

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