Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mega Post: Stitch Fix Experience

I've been teasing my first Stitch Fix tryout for a while now but I've finally had time to sit down and write it all up for you. I'm so excited to share now! I have seen Stitch Fix around on a lot of blogs and found the concept intriguing though I wasn't sure it was for me. I have mostly followed a no new clothes resolution in the first quarter and I feel very confident about my ability to pick out clothes I like. But I kept feeling tempted so I broke down and signed up to give it a go.

Upon creating a profile online, I was asked a bunch of questions. I gave my sizing info and described generally my style and lifestyle (most of my clothes need to bridge a business casual and a very casual environment plus I need cool clothes to accommodate this dang heat.) I also had the option to write additional comments-this was a bit of a disappointment to me as it was not an unlimited space and I had to truncate my words.

Before it arrived, I discussed it with my friend K saying that I would only keep pieces that fit perfectly (both my body and my general vision for my wardrobe) and it had to be something that mad me happy (like my hot pink Kate Spade bag and new Joe Fresh lightweight trench coat do.) Finally this past Wednesday, my box arrived (beautifully packaged) so I opened it up to see what I got. I had secretly been hoping for three tops, one dress, and one skirt. I got two dresses, two tops, and a pair of jeans. So let's see how the stylist did.
This is a cool textured print dress. I love patterns and colors so I specifically requested that in my box and my stylist obliged. Ultimately the neckline felt a little low on me. If you look at my outfits, I think you might observe that I tend to be most conservative there so while I basically liked the dress, it didn't quite pass muster.
I love striped dresses (I believe my instagram shows my favorite Target dress several times...) and this one is so lightweight. I love that it has sleeves and it is navy, not black in case you couldn't tell from my photos. The neckline is also more appropriate for my taste. But still I couldn't quite bring myself to pull the trigger on making a purchase.
This is a gorgeous shade of blue (probably one of my favorites because I think it's incredibly flattering.) It's lightweight and would work with pants or tucked into my beloved pencil skirts. Unfortunately the neckline made me a bit uncomfortable and I'm sure I would have been anxious wearing it to work because alas that is my personality.
As in the previous picture, I am wearing the jeans they sent. I happened to look at the invoice before trying anything on and I saw that these jeans were $128 (originally $148 less $20 styling fee but then also plus tax). So there was basically zero chance of me buying them. I could buy three other pairs of jeans for that same amount! They fit fine but they weren't anything special in my opinion.
In a surprise to me, this orange and navy striped top was my favorite piece from the box. It was incredibly comfortable, fit beautifully, and made me feel very confident. Ultimately though the price was too much of a factor for me. As I want to build a wardrobe of quality over quantity, I have to be pretty discriminating.

My mom also happened to go to Kohl's that same day and pick me up some pieces, which she really isn't supposed to do. The question is: did she do a better job of styling me than Stitch Fix?
First was this dress with attached belt. My initial inclination was that it seemed a bit short although it was pointed out that I've worn other dresses of similar length and I can always add tights. I also think my hair looks pretty interesting here so I'm glad to be including this picture. I think this dress is cool because of all the different colors in it. I plan to wear this dress this coming week.
Lastly was this skirt, which I paired with my black Everlane tee for a winning combination. The skirt was by far my favorite piece that I tried on and I ended up wearing it last Friday with black flats.

In conclusion: I think Stitch Fix is a lot of fun and a great experience. I definitely intend to try it again this summer when my budget opens up more. But in the end, I still think my mom did a better job of styling me :)

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