Monday, March 30, 2015


I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the next capsule collection for Target especially once I found out that it would be Lilly Pulitzer. The original designer is actually one of my top five style icons because I love her bright peppy dresses. Obviously I knew my eye would be on the dresses when the lookbook dropped but I wasn't sure what else I'd want. Alas my original list is a whopping seven items long. Happily I budgeted in the first quarter to support this investment April 19 so I think I'm prepared for the hit to my wallet.

Anyway a story to demonstrate my excitement. My coworker K has been similarly looking forward to Lilly as she does all the Target capsules (kind of a bonding thing for us). On Wednesday, we had been discussing when the lookbook might arrive, displeased that it had not already. On Thursday, I opened my email to discover that it had! I almost called her just to say "The lookbook has dropped. This is not a drill" but I refrained since it was lunch time and she'd be in the kitchen soon enough. We fumbled with our phones to see all the pieces available and then later took some time to compile our lists. Again after careful consideration I have seven pieces, each representing a different print because I like them so much.

Clothes first of course :)

Other just because of those glorious prints!

There were not nearly enough clothing items in Wavepool.

What do you think? What's on your must-have list?


  1. Love love the BOLD colors!! How can I know about lookbook dropping? :)

  2. Beautiful picks! Love that maxi! Decisions decisions...

  3. Those are perfect for summer. Lilly has such happy colors! Hope you enjoy all your new stuff :)
    Jen at YA Romantics