Sunday, February 8, 2015

Part II: "I was riding shotgun"

For some reason, he has not secured a second date with her. So she takes it upon herself to ask when he will be picking her up that night. Thankfully he responds and arrives accordingly.

As he drives, for some reason, the conversation turns toward brewing beer. Now she does not like beer and has never spent time pondering anything about it but his knowledge and passion is infectious. She must remind herself that he is driving on the freeway at night and it would not be safe to kiss him.

Their dining location is new to her but filled with delicious goodies. She loves listening to him talk and thus their dinner date is filled with that as he paints a picture of his family, his history, his frustrations, possibilities for his future. She even gets him to split dessert with her because she always wants chocolate and she enjoys the intimacy of a shared dish.

On the way back, the talk turns serious with her sharing her deepest darkest secret that she's never told anyone before. How can she feel so comfortable so fast with him? But he simply accepts her as she is (and was).

Once parked in front of her house, he continues to talk and talk and talk until she has to interrupt him: "Are you going to kiss me or not?" Happily he obliges and sends her dancing back to her house to dream of him.

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