Sunday, January 25, 2015

Part I: "blushing all the way home"

He texts that he's running a little late. This does not help her nervousness, instead increasing her pacing in the front hall. Is this a date or is this just friends seeing a movie together? Sure it was planned in advance but they're both so busy that it's also kind of necessary. And yes he's picking her up but he likes to be in control and protect people so how can she be certain that it means anything special to him?

Finally he arrives and knocks on the door. He's shaved after a month growing a beard and he's wearing blue that brings out his eyes and he's got that cologne that makes her knees weak.

He opens the car door for her, which seems to suggest that it's a date. But they chat about totally benign topics on the way to the film. He also pays for the movie tickets and buys her popcorn in addition to his soda. This has her inclined toward date.

After she finishes her popcorn, she awkwardly rests her hand on the armrest hoping he'll grab it. Or maybe she can will him to put his arm around her. No dice and the fact that he wants to take her back home after instead of maybe grabbing a drink makes her think it wasn't a date after all. It really is just two friends hanging out.

When he pulls up in front of her house, he turns off the engine but doesn't move to get out so she waits. He breaks the silence and says he likes her and that he finds her interesting (!)

He asks if he can kiss her.

Though later her friends will evince a preference for a guy to "take charge and be a man," she is gratified by his question. She reads so much into it wondering first why no other guy ever asked if he could kiss her. She thinks him to be a feminist; though some dating advice might suggest that she owed him at least a kiss for taking her out, driving, and paying, he respects her jurisdiction over her body and checks in about her wishes. And she sees him taking this potential change in their friendship seriously because they can't ever go back now.

She says "yes" in the easiest decision of her life.

When he walks her to her door, there are frequent stops as she simply must hug him more and also she really never wants the night to end.

As he drives home, she texts him thanks and wonders what will happen next.

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  1. Oooh. This is very intriguing. I hope there is another installment :)