Saturday, December 6, 2014

1989: Shake It Off

Part six of seventeen in my long-winded ramblings about Taylor Swift's "1989" album. Today we are looking at the first single from the album, which ended up being the sixth track.

I remember my first time hearing this in August, which was through her livestream to make an announcement. Of course, my sister and I assumed it was news about her finally releasing her fifth album given that she had done something similar for the fourth but we couldn't be absolutely positive. It started playing and she was dancing and we weren't too sure if we liked it. Yes, I'm a huge pop fan but Taylor had seemed to be straddling the country and pop worlds, which I didn't mind. Turns out this fifth album was going to be all pop especially leaning toward the 1980s as an inspiration. Well fine by me.

Still I don't find this song to be the best representation of the music on "1989" nor is it a particular favorite of mine. Sometimes I think I don't even really like it but every time it's played, I start dancing and usually smiling. Part of what I don't like would be the lyrics which are not great. I also don't really like the rapping/speaking part, which reminds me a lot of Taylor's friend Ed Sheeran whose rapping/speaking I also tend not to like. That's obviously a very personal preference though.

It's a fun empowerment song. The lyric written on the photograph below has been especially helpful to me in difficult times-everything is going to be alright if I can just keep going.
Exact source unknown
Given that you've probably heard this song, unless you live under a rock, what do you think of it?

Next Week: "I Wish You Would"

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