Saturday, December 13, 2014

1989: I Wish You Would

Yay-we're in the homestretch of my multi part ramblings about Taylor's album "1989." Today we're talking about the seventh track, "I Wish You Would," a song I really like. It was co-written with her friend Jack Antonoff who also collaborated with her on "Out of the Woods."

This is another song where some of the lyrics just hit me so hard. How she wishes he'd come back and how he's still thinking about her and how she'll never forget him and how "I wish you were right here, right now." Sometimes I wish so hard though I know it's not really a useful practice and is not going to result in anything.

An interesting part of the structure is her imagining what is happening at 2 AM for each party. For the first verse, he's in his car; second time around, she's in her room; but the third mention brings them together as they presumably hash everything out (in my mind, they do get back together and it is good.)

I love the playful way she sings the below lines-I feel like she had to be smiling as she sang them :)

On another note, happy 25th birthday Taylor-I'm celebrating mine tomorrow!

Next up: Bad Blood, a song surprisingly NOT about a guy.

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