Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome to New York

Hello-this is the start of my series of individually talking about each track on Taylor's "1989" (I have the deluxe edition from Target so that means 16 tracks).

When I first heard this song on its own, I was distinctly underwhelmed. Having now heard it in the context of the album, I can better appreciate it. I think it works as an opener to help set the tone (just in case anyone missed the message that Taylor has fully embraced pop) and it definitely works for Taylor as the city ambassador for NYC. It's also great publicity that she's donating the proceeds from the song to New York public schools. Still I think this song will eventually make its way off of my repeat playlist and only be heard when I want to listen to every Taylor song ever because it's a fun dance song but its lyrics don't connect with me and that is usually the reason why I listen to a Taylor song over and over again.

Next song: "Blank Space"

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