Saturday, November 15, 2014


Welcome to part three of seventeen in my discussion of Taylor Swift's "1989." I'm going right in order so that means today is the third track "Style" in a seemingly obvious reference to ex-Harry Styles. Though historically my enjoyment of Taylor's songs has been enhanced by believing a song is about a certain celebrity ex, I don't even really care for this album.

For some reason, I expected this song to be much faster and upbeat but it's actually on the slower side describing a rocky relationship with a guy as they face obstacles and how they'll never go out of style.

During the chorus she does describe the classic guy archetype she likes but I am more captured by her description of herself with distinct pauses between almost every word:
"I got that/red lip classic thing that you like"
"I got that/good girl faith and a tight little skirt"
Mainly this appeals to me because it reminds me of, well, me. The red lip is kind of new and largely inspired by Taylor dating back from 2012 and the skirts are due to my new found appreciation of exercise and all the good that squats, lunges, and such can do for you.

Another part I really like is the breathy way she almost talks through the second verse "He said what you've heard is true but I/can't stop thinking about you and I/I said I've been there too a few times." This all leads into the chorus again in a way that leads me to start shimmying.

The last lyrical bit I like is: "He can't keep his wild eyes on the road" - seriously did I date Harry myself? Because I definitely dated a guy who always looked at me while he was driving. I found it so unnerving because I've read about how fast accidents can occur if you just briefly take your eyes off the road. Luckily we never had an accident and admittedly I never would have characterized his eyes as wild but still...Phew!

It was tough to find a picture for this song but I found some shots from her Target commercial featuring this song as background and since it features her red lips...

Next week: "Out of the Woods"

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