Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm Thankful For...Work

As I mentioned yesterday, I had some struggles at work this year. The first quarter was amazing but then it slid into boredom as I felt I didn't get the opportunities to learn and grow that I wanted (and in my selfish moments, felt I deserved). I have since switched to a different position at my compliance company and am recommitting myself to learning everything I can and to serve. Compliance is basically my dream job. Though in school, I always said lawyer as future career, that was due to: ignorance of other possibilities, the fact that it's a known entity to people when you tell them about it, and an intense love for "Legally Blonde" at a formative moment in my life. But now I know: compliance is my first love <3

J, J, and M are the people in my new department who have been welcoming me and teaching me everything I need to know. I have had so many questions and have had to lean on them so much. I already knew J and M were great but it's also nice to be working with J and building a strong service together. M especially is a huge inspiration to me-all that she gives to the company and to other people and in her role as mother as well.

K - this woman has listened to me complain about so many things, which is the first thing I'm thankful for. However I also got to be trained by her earlier this year, observing how she completes work, and in exchange receiving some compliments. I was a little intimidated by her when we first met because she seemed so self-possessed but this year has been a great opportunity to engage with her and know her better.

O - I come into work every day to a note and a cute picture of a cat thanks to his emails. This is especially helpful on the hated Wednesdays. I also happen to think he has one of the biggest hearts around as I see him interact with everyone at the company and being in his presence makes me smile.

MJ - we also connect through workouts and that has been a big inspiration to me; she's also completely confident with a take no prisoners attitude and commanding presence. I admire that so much and I really want to emulate her as a I grow up.

E - a total sweetheart who has given me much support this year; she is in my old department so I don't get to see her as much anymore but we still try to chat when we can carve out some time.

**Prayer request: I am still have some struggles with feelings about work so prayer for future guidance and to be a light where I am.

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