Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm Thankful for...Friends

This has been a very difficult year for me particularly personally but also affecting me professionally. Thus in the run-up to Thanksgiving, I am trying especially to focus on all of that which I am thankful for because honestly it is a lot. To start, I wanted to mention my friends who I've relied on so much for advice and support this past year.

J - listened to me relive the same moments over and over again and was inundated with text messages of me complaining about something. She's out of state right now and I miss her terribly.

N - is such a social sweetheart; she pulls me out of my shell and prods me to talk to people when I'm basically a hermit (hence maintaining a blog where I can talk to people without having to talk to people.) I also really value her honesty, which shone through in a striking moment on her birthday earlier this month.

S - listened and gave advice but also got me off my butt when I only wanted to malinger; I have dubbed her the fitness coordinator of our friend group as she scopes out all the coolest workouts and then pushes the rest of us to try them too. She takes us hiking and to explore places I wouldn't go on my own. She'll say completely out there things and make fun of my uptightness (in the most loving way because I certainly need it!) She's also a model for me with her career aspirations and long-term relationship commitment.

A - set such an aspirational inspiration to me. She knows what she's willing to tolerate and what she deserves and encourages our friend group to similarly reach so high.

A - for threatening to beat up someone's kneecaps for me; that kind of makes us sound like we're in the mob or something but that passion on my behalf is so valued. We've known each other 17 years and that is such a valuable relationship to me

K - for real, my friends have listened to a lot from me this year and she is no exception. K is another friend I've known for forever and she is probably the best example of lovingkindness I know. I am so blessed to have her as my friend and in my life. I only wish we lived closer together instead of on opposite coasts so we could spend more time together.

S - we've known each other for 19 years; this is the person I've known the longest outside of my family. I got to be in her wedding this year despite us living on opposite coasts for ten years and I'm so glad we're still in contact and I get to see her new married life and career aspirations


  1. Aw,this is such a nice post. I should do one like this. I have the "friend I call when I need to know who to call about a problem" friend. And my favorite, the "friend I would call if I were in jail and needed bail money" friend. Not that I'd ever do anything that would get me arrested. But I feel better knowing I have someone to call...

  2. Beautiful post. You really truly are blessed little lady!