Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Thankful For...Blogging

I used to blog about books as Bookworm1858. I ran that blog for about 4.5 years before putting it on hiatus due to a combination of things (a bit of burnout honestly; excessive pressure I was putting on myself; and a lot of in real life stuff made it unsustainable for me.) But I'm starting to dive back into blogging focusing more on clothes and lifestyle and I am enjoying it. I am still hugely inspired by book bloggers so I wanted to highlight some of my closest friends and who I admire the most in that sphere as well as those I'm starting to get to know outside it.

Book Bloggers:

Jen Ryland/YA Romantics - I started following her blog closely when she hosted a commenting contest but quickly fell in love with her style and was a loyal follower until I dropped out. As I start engaging with blogging more, I'm back to following her avidly.

Asheley at Into the Hall of Books - Writes very detailed and passionate book reviews that get you completely psyched to pick up the books she loves.

Christina T at Reading Extensively - We have some very similar bookish tastes but we've also struggled to maintain blogs with real life stuff and I appreciate our writings about our conflicting feelings.

April at Good Books and Good Wine - has been blogging for such a long time, building up a huge reputation for her honest opinionated reviews and her prolific reading speed!

Non-Book Bloggers:

Natalie at Thoughts by Natalie - I'm kind of cheating here because I actually know her in real life; yes, she is that amazing!

Ginny at My New Favorite Outfit - I am especially loving her shift to include more about her faith and putting good into the world. We also share a lot of clothing tastes because I have already copied several of her outfits and I know I'm always in for a good time when I see a post of hers pop up in my Feedly.

J's Everyday Fashion - I love how she shows how she looks at an outfit and then reworks it to match her closet and personal taste; I've saved a ton of outfits she's posted!

Audrey at Putting Me Together - especially for her accessible outfit remixing, really giving me encouragement to shop my own closet.

Franish - Not just because she showed off my now beloved Target scarf though that certainly doesn't hurt :)

Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere - I love that we have a shared alma mater but especially her weekday wardrobe recaps on Friday showing me all her different clothing and makeup looks.

Karina at Simply R Kitty - Again I'm cheating because I know her in real life too but it's been so cool to see her develop her blog and try out different kinds of posts; I'm excited to see what else she has dreamed up.

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