Sunday, November 2, 2014

Exercise: Pound

When I was a younger, I did not like exercise at all. I had bad experiences in gym class and just a general distaste for sweating and being outside in the heat. Flash forward to graduating college and falling in love with Zumba. I also started attending boot camp three times a week and have committed myself to making fitness an everyday part of my life that deserves as much attention as sleeping and eating (it doesn't always get that much but it is a much higher priority than it used to be.) Part of that commitment is trying different workouts to keep myself engaged and that mostly happens through my friend who I have dubbed the fitness coordinator. She is hugely inspirational and encouraging so I'm glad she tells me about these things :)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to try a Pound Fitness Class, the name of which just confused me. I was asked what it was and had to confess that I wasn't really sure but that my friend highly recommended it. Having experienced it, I would compare it a little bit to Zumba. It is choreographed to music and the place I attended had mirrors so I could check myself out...I mean, follow the instructor's moves. The twist is that you hold plastic drum sticks and every move comes from there. You are constantly moving your arms and legs in highly rhythmic ways. It was tough, just coming to grips with holding the sticks (not to mention the fact that I got a blister on my left thumb) and the pace at which everything proceeded. I also feel so sore now especially the ways I worked my core.

I'm so glad I gave it a try and I definitely want to go back! Have you ever tried Pound?

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