Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 30: Quilted Vest

When I look at this outfit, I wish I was wearing a (blue, green, or mustard) sweater over the gingham/under the vest and with jeans but then I remember where I live and how that outfit would make me so hot. I have been craving fall and the weather is finally starting to oblige but it’s still not that chilly except for in the mornings! Despite these complaints, I do really like this whole look. It kind of reminds me of Ginny at My New Favorite Outfit whose style I love so no surprise there. This is actually my second time wearing my new quilted vest though only the first with a picture (I kind of wanted one last year but I had trouble finding navy and not too puffy and a decent price point; flash forward to this year when my mom and sister were at Sears and texted me a picture of this one at a great price!) and I can’t wait to wear it a lot this fall/winter. I appreciate how cozy it feels without being bulky and of course I always appreciate any opportunity to wear boots. Something else I really love is my bracelet, which was a present from my dear friend Paula. I love pieces that remind me vividly of someone close to me!

Shirt: Chaps from Kohl’s (picked out by my mom after I mentioned that I like gingham)
Vest: Sears
Skirt: Target
Boots: ShoeDazzle
Earrings: “S” monogram Napier studs from Nordstrom
Necklace: Chaps from Kohl’s
Bracelet: Present
Watch: Timex from JCPenney

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  1. Such a cute outfit and that's the vest I have too. I loved the style and price. Thanks so much for the shout out too!