Saturday, September 20, 2014


I have a confession: I got into baseball because of a guy. Am I absolved if that guy is my dad? Around high school, I realized that while my dad and I did agree on a lot, our main interests did not necessarily overlap. I liked romances and celebrity gossip while he tended to focus more on military history and baseball. I decided that if I wanted us to have some common ground, it would be up to me to find something. Baseball was the winner and I was thrilled to see Paul Konerko's grand slam in game 2 of the White Sox's 2005 World Series and then my Phillies' victory in 2008. However since living in California it has been hard to follow the Phillies as their games are not consistently aired. This year I finally succumbed to the local team and got caught up in Padres fever! I attended five games at Petco this season and would have gone to more if I had more friends who liked baseball. Instead I mostly went with my dad (bonus: he usually pays and always drives :) Looking forward to next season!

Games Attended - Pitcher - Outcome:
April 17 - Kennedy - L
May 10 - Stults - W
May 24 - Roach - L
June 29 - Despaigne - W
September 20 - Cashner - W

Overall record with me in attendance: 3-2

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