Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target

Peter Pilotto for Target:
Like many style bloggers, I was excited to see the new capsule collection at Target. I was not familiar with the designer and I was a little cowed by the prints at first. However, after seeing the commericals more, I realized that it was very much my style. My fashionable coworker even commented that it seemed made for me. So I decided to brave buying online (my experience buying Mossimo in stores was marred by the fact that my store didn't have the one piece I wanted most).

Promptly at 9 PST, I started refreshing the Target website and twitter eventually noticing that people anticipated the collection being dropped after midnight PST. So I decided to take a nap until 11:45 PM. I kept refreshing and spotting links on twitter that never worked for me. Shortly after midnight, I saw a tweet saying to view the collection as "details." I made the switch and was able to add my pieces to my cart in my usual sizes and check out by 12:03 AM

Then shortly before noon, I received an email that my order has shipped leaving me very optimistic that I'll get them this week. I've heard that the pencil skirt runs small and the dresses are true to size or even run large so we'll see how the fit works and I'll keep you posted!

Planning for the week:
Though I stumbled last week with my planning (unforeseen circumstances), I managed to plan out my work outfits already. I'm wearing a skirt or dress every day (big surprise!) but the most interesting point for me was to realize that on Tuesday and Thursday, I'm wearing cashmere sweaters with skater skirts. That's probably pretty close to my ideal outfit so it's not surprising but I usually try to mix it up a bit more. I'm giving myself grace on this point because it's my crazy-busy time at work. I will wear what is easy and comfortable so I can focus my energies on my work.

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