Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday Wrap-Up

My mom, sister, and I have a tradition of going shopping on Black Friday at our local mall. We think because of the fact that so many stores were open on Thursday, it really lowered the amount of people out on Friday. We were thankful for that as we didn't have to fight hordes of people.

My big score was some cashmere sweaters from Macy's-$40 for a crew neck sweater! As someone who just adores cashmere, this was a tremendous victory. I picked up black and blue and my mom is gifting me with a cream one.

Other soon to come presents include a pair of nude peep toe pumps and a yellow dress with dresses on it. I'm thinking of styling that with black tights but we'll see.

I'm also pleased because I completed the shopping for my mom's birthday and Christmas. My sister and dad aren't very good at presents so I was in charge of coordinating all of it. I've wrapped everything I have and just need to wait for the rest to arrive via mail (I love online shopping too!)

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