Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4: Grey

I don't really know how I'd define this look but I think it's very crisp with its black and gray, the first outing for each of these pieces. It's kind of inspired by this Polyvore. I kind of hate my arms on my hips like this-I think I look super dorky but at least I have a big smile and I always think that helps!

Pants: The Limited-I mentioned these earlier
Shoes: Famous Footwear-I remember buying these in August 2012 to celebrate getting a job with the company I'm with now
Earrings: Eagles in celebration of Nick Foles' accomplishment (7 touchdown passes in one game as well as a perfect passer rating)

I was also kind of bad and picked up two pairs of flats from Target: black as my old standbys are showing their age and brown as I've coveted pairs after seeing some of my stylish friends rock them.

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