Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November 27: Tunic

I tend to be pretty anti-leggings (they're not pants) but I have fallen hard for jeggings, which are comparatively comfortable but looking slightly neater. While discussing with a coworker about how we'd love to wear sweatpants to work, I decided to see what kind of ├╝ber-comfortable outfit I could come up with. Also today was basically my Friday so what did I care ;) This outfit was kind of unique in that I knew what I wanted to wear and then went looking for a picture to "inspire" it.

<My, my lighting is not good.>

Tunic Top: Forever 21-this is actually a dark purple with a black ribbon at the waist
Scarf: Target? The tag doesn't say and I think it was a gift as I don't remember buying it
Pants: Lauren Conrad jeggings from Kohls
Boots: Payless
Earrings: very old
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

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