Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4: Sparkly

Today was casual Friday as usual and though I didn't want to go too casual, I didn't want to be as fancy as I am the rest of the week. So the base is just a white tee with jeans but I classed it up with metallics. The quality of this picture isn't the best but it's actually a sparkly silver cardigan. Plus my pink keds have silver glitter on the laces. Then I have silver earrings, a silver ring, and a silver/gold necklace. I knew I looked fabulous and it was a great day at work!
Shirt: Everlane Tee
Cardigan: Apt 9 from Kohls
Jeans: Lucky Jeans-I hadn't worn them in ages and they were so stiff
Shoes: Keds
Ring: Kohls
Other jewelry and accessories: Not sure

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