Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2: (Old-School) Taylor Swift

Though I didn't realize it when I was putting this outfit together, I feel like it is kind of a nod to the fabulous Miss Swift who I adore, particularly her older style. I walked around singing "Our Song" and "Tim McGraw" all day in my head.

First up is the inspiration, which I originally spotted on Pinterest but did not pin, just saving it to my desktop. I saw it and thought, "I have a white dress and a very beloved mint cardigan. I can wear this!" So I did.
 My version:
If I was smarter, I would have cut off my face too and I did not check the picture this morning or I wouldn't have put the belt over the cardigan. Oh well, live and learn! I love how the belt and the boots go together although this was their last hurrah as I noticed some cracking on them.

Dress: Joe Fresh from JC Penney's
Cardigan: J. Crew Tippi Cardigan
Boots: Really old from Payless
Belt: No idea-from a dress
Bracelet: Pearls

I just really love the contrast of the fluffy white skirt with the tougher boots and how the colors all play together. The full skirt is fantastic (I'm looking to get just a black skirt in similar) and I felt so pretty all day, doing my twirling and dancing throughout my work day :)

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