Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18: Yellow

Middle of the week-not usually my favorite day :( But at least I didn't get scolded for having a short skirt. Though I had initially planned to wear this yellow top with a grey skirt, I changed my mind and decided to play it safe with pants-nothing wrong with that, right?

Top: A.N.A. from JCPenney's
Belt: No idea! My mom initially encouraged me to bypass the belt until I took it off and then she agreed with me that the top was too blobby otherwise.)
Pants: Skinny from Gap (this was back when they ran an Audrey Hepburn campaign so it's kind of old.)
Shoes: Old Navy Cap-Toed Shoes that I just bought (man did they scrape the back of my heel! I'll be wearing band-aids tomorrow.)

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