Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16: RED

No, I didn't have Taylor Swift stuck in my head all day-I've been listening to a random playlist of Linda Ronstadt (so sad about her Parkinson's news), Lesley Gore, and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Quite eclectic but all great female artists introduced to me by my parents so they do have some things in common. I also learned appalling news that two of my close coworkers haven't read Harry Potter-not a single book!

This Monday was fairly torturous. First I angsted over some work stuff that will not get resolved until hopefully tomorrow or even Wednesday (my optimistic hope). Then I spent 105 minutes waiting at the optometrist and about 15 minutes being helped so I was there a total of 2 hours-it was horrid. And I'm still not sure how I look in this dress! It's a drop waist on sale from Target and I had to size down to get it to fit. I wore it with just tan flats. I wanted to wear sandals but my work is kind of ridiculous about that.

As for my jewelry, why yes that is the Evenstar-how astute of you! I wanted to wear something very pretty and this certainly fit the bill. Earrings are just small crystals.

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