Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11: Blue High Low

Yesterday I had planned to wear one outfit but ended up rewearing something else and thus not being that excited to photograph the look.
This is another risky outfit for me as I'm not sure how good this top is to my boobs nor was I sure about the colors all together. The skirt is high low or mullet as I like to call it. I vividly remember picking it out from Target's sale rack and giving it a go despite my general disdain for the mullet skirt. It won me over. Something you can't tell from this picture is that it's two layers: the top one is patterned as you can see but the bottom one features flowers in the same color scheme. Overall I'm pleased with how this all looks together.

Top: A.N.A. from JCPenney's
Skirt: From Target
Shoes: Mossimo from Target
Necklace: US Flag

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