Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30: Black and Gold

Last week, I didn't much feel like taking pictures as my phone died (with my pictures on it) and then I was sick. My illness still lingers but I feel mostly back to normal. So for Monday I wanted to keep it simple and though it didn't photograph as well as I had hoped, I really enjoyed wearing it. It's just very casual black with gold accents.

Top: Black Everlane V-Neck
Belt: Gold skinny from a JC Penney's dress
Pants: Old Audrey Hepburn skinnies from Gap
Shoes: Black with Gold tips from Old Navy
Necklace: Gold chains from Target

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23: Fall!

After a blah clothing weekend, I head in to work eager for something good. However while I looked fabulous, my phone died so no picture. Hopefully for the rest of the week.

I got great news at work and decided to celebrate by dressing up-I wore what looked like a ladylike professional suit though indeed everything was separates. Each piece is quite beloved so I felt really happy in it. The only things missing are my pearls: in earrings, necklace, and bracelet to tie everything together.

The top is Elle from Kohls. I love its lightness and how a pencil skirt reins in its slouchiness. The neckline is perfect for a necklace so that's why I'm so upset with myself for forgetting. The skirt is new-from The Limited on sale. It's just like a red one I have (and have featured) from Target but in a more versatile black. I also feel like the flounce is higher up. The style on this is so me-tight on top to cinch in the shirt and then widening at the bottom. I paired this with my newer blazer from Worthington. Though I lament now its lack of pockets, I do love the way it fits me. Then in a burst of lunacy, I wore my Call Me Spring heels, which do hurt (giving me blisters and a bruise on one foot) but also gave me such confidence from their height.

I really wish I had been able to take a picture of this because I received several compliments on how wonderful I looked but instead you will have to content yourself with imagining the loveliness :) Also I'll definitely be wearing it again so maybe I'll share it then!

Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20: Blue

I was so ready for this week to be done and wishing for a peaceful weekend; unfortunately it is going to be a bit busier than I anticipated. Still I rocked the blue, going very casual. And, to put it frankly, I rocked it. I wore one of my favorite blue tops that really brings out my eyes (though you can't tell from this picture) with skinny jeggings, a moto jacket, and leopard print flats to bring out the trendiness. Top it off with silver jangly earrings that got several compliments, a silver necklace, and I even pulled back part of my hair to switch it up.
Top: Gap
Jeggings: American Eagle (thank you for the tip, Natalie!)
Jacket: Joe Fresh from JCPenney's
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19: Green

I could wear anything today so I decided to wear one of my favorite dresses from Joe Fresh at JCPenney's. It's so easy to throw on and so lightweight-I feel so free and easy in it. It's difficult for me to describe the pattern but it's mostly green with some hints of cream and brown. Topped off with my tan flats that I wore earlier this week as I just didn't think black shoes would go.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18: Yellow

Middle of the week-not usually my favorite day :( But at least I didn't get scolded for having a short skirt. Though I had initially planned to wear this yellow top with a grey skirt, I changed my mind and decided to play it safe with pants-nothing wrong with that, right?

Top: A.N.A. from JCPenney's
Belt: No idea! My mom initially encouraged me to bypass the belt until I took it off and then she agreed with me that the top was too blobby otherwise.)
Pants: Skinny from Gap (this was back when they ran an Audrey Hepburn campaign so it's kind of old.)
Shoes: Old Navy Cap-Toed Shoes that I just bought (man did they scrape the back of my heel! I'll be wearing band-aids tomorrow.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17: Orange

My theme today was ORANGE. I wore this orange shirt from JCP that my mom had actually picked up for me along with this linen skirt from Asos and this old pair of booties I had. Then for Bible Study, I switched to jeans, grabbed a cardigan, and broke out my boots because it is starting to get cold at night. I love the contrast between the two kinds of temperatures I anticipated.

Top: Worthington from JC Penney
Skirt: Linen from Asos HOWEVER it was apparently too short and violated dress code so I ran home and switched to some khakis
Shoes: Booties from Nordstrom Rack

Jeans: Jeggings from American Eagle
Boots: Payless

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16: RED

No, I didn't have Taylor Swift stuck in my head all day-I've been listening to a random playlist of Linda Ronstadt (so sad about her Parkinson's news), Lesley Gore, and Mary Chapin Carpenter. Quite eclectic but all great female artists introduced to me by my parents so they do have some things in common. I also learned appalling news that two of my close coworkers haven't read Harry Potter-not a single book!

This Monday was fairly torturous. First I angsted over some work stuff that will not get resolved until hopefully tomorrow or even Wednesday (my optimistic hope). Then I spent 105 minutes waiting at the optometrist and about 15 minutes being helped so I was there a total of 2 hours-it was horrid. And I'm still not sure how I look in this dress! It's a drop waist on sale from Target and I had to size down to get it to fit. I wore it with just tan flats. I wanted to wear sandals but my work is kind of ridiculous about that.

As for my jewelry, why yes that is the Evenstar-how astute of you! I wanted to wear something very pretty and this certainly fit the bill. Earrings are just small crystals.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week of September 15

As I've mentioned, I like to theme my outfits for the week at work, if I can.

Week of September 1: Variations on a black pencil skirt

Week of September 8: Blue

This week is September 15 and I'm doing a RAINBOW. Red on Monday, Orange on Tuesday, Yellow on Wednesday, Green on Thursday, and Blue on Friday. I'm planning to mix skirts and dresses (no pants because it is still too hot.)

Next week September 22, I'm thinking Dresses just to take full advantage of their gorgeousness before I start really getting into fall clothes or else classic separates.

Meanwhile I am stressing over some things at work and dying for colder weather so I can break out my boots, jeans, and sweaters. Why must I live in beautiful southern California?!

Oh and what about my shopping exploits? I scored some great pieces! I was sad that J.Crew didn't have anything I really wanted as it was my main reason for visiting that particular mall but at least my cheesecake was delish!

From LOFT, four shirts, surprisingly all in black/white but they make me feel very professional and are very classic pieces for a young woman's work wardrobe
Striped Bow Neck Cotton Tee
Fizz Dot Print Tie Neck Top
Ballet Dot Print Ruffle Tie Neck
Tie Neck 1/2 Sleeve Blouse in Black

From The Limited, I finally found grey pants and a grey pencil skirt (no idea why this color was so difficult to find) as well as a skirt on sale and a sweater:

Cassidy Bootcut Pants (I had to get them in Short for my 5'4" height)
Collection Wide Band Pencil Skirt in grey
Ponte Flounce Pencil Skirt in black-I basically already have this skirt in red from Target so I couldn't resist getting a black version
Elbow-Patch V-Neck Sweater in Fireside Red XS-this shirt ran *so* big

From Old Navy:
Sueded Pointed-Toe Flats in Black with Gold-I've been dying for a pair and liked the sale price on these.

Also I received my order from Charlotte Russe, I am keeping the following four pieces:
PU Trim Ponte Skater Skirt-the hint of leather makes this very in
Button-Down Varsity Cardigan in Navy-another item that is very in; I didn't need more cardigans but couldn't resist
Lace-Up Skimmer Oxford Flat-a very different look for me but one that should look good with pants this fall
Satin Leopard D'orsay Flat-I've been wanting a pair of these for when I wear something plain but still want to jazz it up

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14: Shopping

Today was a special day as my parents took me out to a fancy mall, quite a bit aways from our usual mall so we could hit J.Crew and Madewell in addition to the Cheesecake Factory as both my mom and I have a serious weakness for cheesecake (she likes classic but I need chocolate!) Since this mall is much more upscale, I decided to dress up a bit but I didn't want to wear anything too tight or difficult to change out of since I planned to try on some things. Additionally I couldn't wear jeans or anything heavy because it is too darn hot! This is what I settled on:

Navy blue crew shirt
Green skater skirt from Asos (I'm kind of obsessed with getting a ton of wear out of it)
Black Joe Fresh Flip-Flops

I changed out of that outfit so fast, which was great because I tried items on at at least eight stores and I didn't want to waste time.

As for what I bought...well that information is to come.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12: Stripes

This is an outfit I absolutely adore and I think it intersects with some trends this season. While browsing the Target clearance rack (I feel like a lot of my shopping stories feature this!), I stumbled across this skirt and immediately fell in love with it. It was an online purchase returned to store so it was available for a song and I immediately snatched it up. The skirt is flippy at the bottom but it didn't show up well in my pictures. Once I got the skirt, I was initially planning to be very simple and just wear a white shirt though I wished I had a blue striped shirt. Turns out my mom did and she very generously gave me hers. Since I like a bit of high, I wore my favorite wedges and added my pearls since this was my favorite outfit this week.

One more piece, for a sense of whimsy, is my owl ring, shown below. This was part of a set of 3, also from Target. I didn't use to like rings, finding them awkward AND I hated my hands thinking they were too small (I have consistently compared my hands to other women of comparable height and found mine to be smaller.) But lately I have much more positive feelings about my hands and have felt more comfortable with rings as well.

Top: H&M
Skirt: Merona from Target
Shoes: Dexter from Payless
Ring: Owl from Target
Necklace: Pearls from ?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11: Blue High Low

Yesterday I had planned to wear one outfit but ended up rewearing something else and thus not being that excited to photograph the look.
This is another risky outfit for me as I'm not sure how good this top is to my boobs nor was I sure about the colors all together. The skirt is high low or mullet as I like to call it. I vividly remember picking it out from Target's sale rack and giving it a go despite my general disdain for the mullet skirt. It won me over. Something you can't tell from this picture is that it's two layers: the top one is patterned as you can see but the bottom one features flowers in the same color scheme. Overall I'm pleased with how this all looks together.

Top: A.N.A. from JCPenney's
Skirt: From Target
Shoes: Mossimo from Target
Necklace: US Flag

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9: Blue Week

Today kicks off a BLUE WEEK (I like to theme my outfits at work if I can). I normally wear this shirt with a black pencil skirt but last week's theme was "Variations on a Black Pencil Skirt" so I decided to try this out, going for a more flowy, romantic even look. I'm still not sure how I feel about it but I'm glad I tried something different.

Shirt: Worthington from JCPenney's
Skirt: Mossimo from Target
Heels: Call Me Spring from JCPenney's
Earrings: Eagles Trinkets in honor of Monday Night Football
Ring: Princess Di replica

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8: Church and Errands

I love how I started this blog all awash in excitement about the possibilities and honestly, I have spent a lot of time thinking about clothes, scouring Pinterest and fashion blogs, and even some time cleaning out my closet. But actually working on a blog post was apparently too hard until finally today.

It's kind of hard to tell but I'm wearing a green skater skirt and I really want to wear that so that was my starting point. I kept everything else very simple and I'm really pleased with how tan and healthy I look. Thanks to my dad for taking this shot!
Skirt: Forest Green Skater Skirt from (aka the worst shopping site for someone who lacks impulse control; note: this color is not currently available)
Shirt: White SO from Kohls
Tank: Black from Eddie Bauer
Sandals: Merona from Target
Watch: Timax
Bangle Bracelet: Old, from my sister.