Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1st: J. Crew

This is actually the look that inspired this project-I kept looking at it and thinking that I actually pretty much had this outfit in my closet and thus didn't need to spend more money at J. Crew to copy it.

I just bought a JC Penney's Worthington black suit jacket (in July so that money doesn't count in my August total) so that was the base. Then I wore an old Eddie Bauer white button-down, my favorite pair of Lucky Jeans and black Target pumps. Lastly I added my Talbots Outlet pearls-a crazy long string that I wrapped twice around my neck to get the right length. I added pearl earrings, a hair-clip, and a ring since I'm newly obsessed with them.

I did not wear a baseball cap for several reasons. First I only like baseball caps that actually have baseball teams on them. Second if I did that, I'd either have to wear my Phillies cap (the red would be far too loud) or support the Chicago White Sox or similar team-wasn't going to happen.  Third I can't wear a hat at work unless it is a themed day. So I went without but still clipped back my hair to ensure the right look. I was so happy picturing this look and I think it turned out well :)

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