Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Why am I doing this?

I LOVE buying clothes and it's kind of a bad, expensive habit. Instead I want to challenge myself to see my pieces with new eyes. It will also get me out of all my dresses and utilize my separates better.

I am also keeping a record of this on this blog to practice my writing skills. Yes, I write my book blog but this will be a more selfish, vapid kind of writing that is still necessary for my emotional/mental health, I feel.


I am trying not to buy anything else for my closet although I may make an exception for accessories especially belts and rings, of which I have developed a new fondness. So the goal is to keep what is already in my closet (and maybe toss things if I decide they don't work after all.)

Another limitation is coming up with the outfits. At this point in time, I do have the entire month planned out but the situation is subject to change. I can't wait to get pictures of me and see how well I can execute when I feel inspired. I am also eager to see if I can get any compliments for my stylishness-people have said some nice things to me before :)

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